Create Your Own Healthcare Journal

Personal health journal notebookThe best way to become pro-active is to create a personal Healthcare Journal that contains all of your accurate medical information.

It takes a little time and effort to gather the information, but this journal will become your very own "Healthcare Bible."

Take these few steps to create your own healthcare journal.

Print Out Forms

  • Go to and print out the forms that apply to you and your family.
  • Note: If you are creating a journal for your spouse or children, you will need to print out those forms as well.
  • Keep one blank original of each form to make copies to update your journal as necessary.

Records Of any pertinent information

  • You will need your personal records and will also need to interview family members to gather as much of their medical history as possible.
  • It’s easy to get your medical records. For hospitals, you can often request your records from their website.
  • Once on their website, search Medical Records.
  • If you get nowhere, look for the main phone number and they will connect you to the proper department.

Call your doctor's office directly for your individual records.

  • They will send you a form that you must sign and return for them to forward or release your medical information.

Your Medical History

  • Check your records. It’s easy to forget how many times you were hospitalized for chest pain or trouble breathing, etc.
  • Hospitalizations, Surgeries or major problems, current medical conditions or symptoms, immunizations, allergies (especially drugs or latex)
  • Most recent complete physical, pap smear, mammogram, tetanus shot, etc.

Now That You Have Your Medical History, You Can Assemble Your Healthcare Journal.


  • 3-Ring Binder
  • Hole Punch
  • Subject Dividers

Cover Page:

  • Include your Name, Birthdate, Address, Home, Work & Cell phones numbers, Emergency Contact’s Name with Home, Work & Cell phone numbers.

Annual Healthcare Calendar

  • To remind when you need your check-ups, mammogram and any other medical appointments. Go to to print a monthly calendar.

Current Physicians

  • List all names and phone numbers of your current physicians, including dentist and eye doctor.

Insurance Information

  • Always have your current healthcare insurance card with you. If not available, have a copy of both sides of the card in your Healthcare Journal.


  • It is extremely important to keep a current list of medications, including dosages and instructions for taking the medication (X per day).

Your Medical History Forms


  • Keep extra blank pages for notes regarding your symptoms and questions you have for your doctor
  • Consider helping everyone you love create their own healthcare journal

When You Have A Healthcare Concern


  • If possible, do your own research when you have a healthcare concern. If you do not have a personal computer you can get access to one at most local libraries.
  • Remember though, that each diagnosis is based on your own personal health situation. Your doctor will consider your current symptoms, combined with your previous healthcare record and family history to diagnose you.

And when you get in to see the doctor

  • Be honest – While some of your answers might be embarrassing, it is difficult for a doctor to diagnose any condition if they do not have accurate information. Don’t answer questions with what you think the doctor wants to hear. Your doctor wants the truth. If you drink alcohol every day or smoke occasionally say so.
  • Be prepared for your appointment with your healthcare journal, a list of your symptoms and also a list of questions. It’s easy to get off topic and forget to mention a symptom or ask an important question. Take notes when your doctor gives you information or instructions.

Disclaimer: This site has been created to motivate you and is not a substitute for any form of medical or other professional help.